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What is Plantar Fasciitis

Published on November 4, 2013, by in Chiropractic.

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of plantar fascia. This medical condition is caused by repetitive strain to the ligament that supports the arch. Plantar fasciitis typically causes more problems in people who are:

  • Subject to prolonged standing or walking
  • Have tight Achilles tendon or tight calf muscles
  • Overweight
  • Pregnant

Patients of all ages, who suffer from plantar fasciitis, can benefit from specifically designed exercises such as toe stretching, calf stretching and towel stretching. Also, custom made orthotics is a proven device in providing pain relief, correcting posture and increasing range of motion (ROM). At Altima Wellness Centre, our professionals are highly trained to treat plantar fasciitis. We use advanced GaitScan technology, 3-D foams and work only with certified laboratories to make the best quality custom orthotics for our patients. Please book a free consultation today.