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Orthopaedic Shoes

These shoes are designed especially to provide the support and comfort that your feet need. Many orthopaedic shoes are made with removable custom orthotics; the combination is ideal to meet individual needs of each patient when it comes to shoes. Our line of orthopaedic shoes includes newest sport, classic and casual style of shoes and sandals.

For the list of available shoes and styles, click on the following links. Please write down the specifications of the footwear of your choice (we recommend two choices) and call us for ordering details and insurance claims, if applicable.


Modified Orthopaedic Shoes (NEW)

We now offer shoe modification services that are covered by most Extended Health Care (EHC) benefits. Ask us for details! To process your claim, most insurance companies require a prescription from your medical doctor (MD) that prescribes shoe modification or orthopaedic shoes for you and indicates the medical condition.

Free Shoes! Really?

If you have extended health coverage, your insurance plan usually covers orthotics & orthopedic shoes when you need them. The policy of each plan is different, but in some cases the coverage might be up to 100%, so you will get reimbursed fully. In some other cases, the insurance plan might cover partial fees (e.g., custom orthotics or shoe modifications only). Even in such cases, with amazing specials we offer, you can enjoy the great comfort of stylish brand name orthopedic shoes furnished with custom-made orthotics by just paying a minimal fee from your own pocket (co-payment). Best of all, it will be TAX FREE! Imagine how happy your feet, your wallet and of course you will be!