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Custom Orthotics

Also known as custom made insoles that sit directly beneath the foot in your shoes. Since they are sized and built specifically for your feet, orthotics can significantly relive your pain and help the healing process of your injury. Custom made orthotics is also worn as a preventative method for many conditions. At Altima Wellness Centre, we use computerized Gait Scan and 3-D foams to analyse your feet, and ensure that your orthotics are the perfect match for them. We only work with certified laboratories to provide the best quality orthotics to our patients.

Note: Our custom made orthotics areĀ eligible for coverage under most Extended Health Care (EHC) benefits. To process your claim, most insurance companies require a prescription from your medical doctor (MD) that prescribes the orthotics for you and indicates the medical condition (e.g., plantar fasciitis).